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So I had to quit the forums at because a moderator responded to a girl posting a photo where her legs were visible by making a comment about 'asking for it'. Yes. Seriously. He was so proud of this stunning piece of wit that he actually reposted it on another thread. Oh yeah, and he responded to comments about the conspicuous lack of female moderators by posting a pic of himself in drag and shutting the thread.

And even after pulling these stunts he's still a mod, so I'm done.

There's always a part of me that wants to stay and fight and NOT LET EVIL WIN, but, you know, if I wanted to fight with misogynists I'd pick a random feminist blog and go wave a pitchfork at the comment trolls. Support forums are supposed to be for support. I am not feeling especially supported in that environment.

And the guy is in his fifties so it's not like he's suddenly magically going to get a clue. If you're dealing with some eighteen-year-old kid spouting this kind of triggering crap then yeah, by all means send them a bunch of links about slutwalks. Lord knows I said enough stupid uneducated stuff when I was eighteen. There's still some hope. But if they're in their fifties... probably not. All you can do is recuse yourself from dealing with the triggering crap and head for less toxic waters.


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